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Venna Pavaday, Co-Founder of VERDE “Coffee is today part of the lifestyle of the younger generations”

Of people surveyed, 22.9% have stated that they never visit coffee shops. Of those who visit coffee shops, 53.0% visit coffee shops regularly (once a week or more), whilst others go less frequently.

Café Lux is perceived as an international brand by 20.1% of respondents.

Café Lux is perceived as having the strongest brand on the market, while Artisan Coffee is believed to be doing the best job at retaining clients and maintaining their market share.

People visit on average 2 to 3 different coffee shops, while 24.6% are loyal to only 1 brand. The products consumed most regularly at coffee shops are (1) coffee, (2) Cakes and (3) Savoury products.

The type of coffee the most consumed is Cappuccino, at 57.2% of responses, followed by Espressos and Café au lait, at 42.6% and 42.3% of responses respectively. 10% of respondents do not actually consume coffee but visit coffee shops for other products.

The 2 main brands are clearly Café Lux and Artisan Coffee according to respondents. Café Lux ranks first in terms of Cakes, Quality of coffee while Artisan Coffee ranks first for Price, Promotions and discounts.

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