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VERDE is a full-service strategic research and insight practice built on the belief that globally our economies and societies are underpinned by and reliant on science to make informed decisions.

At VERDE, we blend technology and statistical tools with traditional market research solutions to uncover insights which help our clients propel their businesses forward.

Building on a strong research foundation, our passion and purpose is to bring research to life to solve the most complex issues of our clients.

The link between evidence, data, factual analysis and independent advice from multi-disciplinary experts is today critical and valued. In the markets we operate, there is an abundance of potential which can be delivered. We specialise in the latest research methodologies and most innovative offerings, ranging from data consulting, surveys, modelling, data-driven communications and creative works. Creative and inquisitive, we are passionate about empowering our clients to make the decisions that matter. We work with organisations to define and overcome strategic challenges – helping them get to grips with the markets in which their brands operate. We use the right approach and methodology to deliver robust insights, strategic counsel and targeted recommendations that generate change and positive outcomes. Our clients trust us for our high quality work as well as our creative storytelling techniques that connect with key stakeholders.


We use the latest research methods to help brands identify nuanced customer intelligence to revolutionize their thinking and give them an edge. Our clients don’t view us as simply a market research provider. They think of us as thoughtful explorers, creative thinkers, skilled statisticians and as a partner that empowers them to move beyond the superficial by revealing and leveraging hidden consumer truths that propel revenue growth.

We empower our clients to revolutionize their thinking.

Our services cover quantitative techniques, qualitative techniques, advanced analytics, surveys, data-driven communications and strategic consulting, which are regrouped under four main themes – BRAND, CONSUMER, INNOVATION, STRATEGY.



Brands need a constant influx of new energy, inspired thinking and game-changing intelligence in order to charge ahead of the market, capture greater share and exceed consumers’ expectations. We inspire fresh brand thinking by enlisting out clients in a dynamic collaboration, so that they:

  • Gain an edge by uncovering what separates them from the competition
  • Discover hidden game-changers to take their brand to the next level
  • Anticipate hurdles and course-correct long before they cause problems
  • Validate their brand identity by knowing how they are perceived and what the brand represents


Consumers are more and more demanding today but, at the same time, they are more receptive to ideas and feedback and have a lot to share about what it takes to gain more of their spending. We provide high quality and focused insights so that everything our clients do is a direct reflection of what their consumers want by:

  • Elevating the customer experience by knowing what they want and when they want it
  • Illuminating ratings and data points with the voice of the customer
  • Uncovering pivotal moments by deconstructing your consumers’ path to purchase
  • Tracking trends and evolution in consumer demand and expectations


Whatever the type of research, we integrate innovative techniques and technology solutions to deliver on our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Our R&D personnel ensure that we are always at the top of what is happening in market research around the world, and how clients’ technological needs are evolving. Our latest innovative offerings:

  • Social media analytics uncover insights about the voice of the public in additional to what is happening on traditional media
  • Media services in relation to monitoring and providing a 24/7 real time notification based system with a data management portal
  • Industry trackers provide indications of evolution of market segment and impacts of events
  • Panel surveys allow for fast and easy surveys, directly reaching the public


Business landscape is constantly evolving. We work with our clients as a true strategic partner, applying rigorous standards and creative ingenuity to unlock breakthrough insights about their brands, customers, category and the evolving culture in which they operate. Our services include:

  • Design studies and conduct longitudinal program evaluations from an activity’s inception through various milestones to outcomes, impacts and cost-related analysis.
  • Analyse and make sense of unused data to provide direction in the strategy
  • Undertake customer satisfaction and customer journey research, and provide recommendations for an increased client engagement
  • Undertake consulting assignments by regrouping experts from our network and delivering end-results
  • Setting up and tracking of key performance metrics following market evaluation and planning


Venna Pavaday
Venna Pavaday
Co-Founder & Partner

Venna co-founded VERDE is 2016 and has spearheaded the company into a high growth potential company over 3 years. VERDE specialises in research, data analytics, predictive modelling.
Venna brings with her more than 12 years of experience in syndicated research, custom solutions and advanced analytics. She is focused on generating even further growth for VERDE by capitalising on untapped segments.
Prior to founding VERDE, Venna spent her career in investments, especially focused on the launch, monitoring and marketing of investment funds. Venna has worked for a number of years in major investment firms in the UK, which included Schroder Investments and UBS Global Asset Management.
She has over time acquired deep and holistic experience on modelling, data mining and analytics. She today has a proven track record in development of methodologies and in implementing growth strategies, overseeing strategic transactions and creating value for stakeholders.
Venna heads VERDE’s innovation-based initiatives, given her growth-focused vision, which leverages VERDE’s granular and proprietary data, technology assets, and advanced analytics.
Venna has also overseen large-scale strategic marketing engagements for clients, which included pricing strategy, demand assessment, marketing spend allocation and optimization, customer profitability improvement, corporate and brand repositioning, brand portfolio
optimization, sales force effectiveness, new product launch, and marketing capability building. Venna has worked with a wide variety of survey and syndicated data, internal and external databases, marketing research tools and methodologies, and marketing science models.
Venna received her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics at the University of Warwick in the UK.

Dirish K. Noonaram
Dirish K. Noonaram
Co-Founder & Partner

Dirish co-founded and established successful data consulting practice VERDE. He started the activities of the firm in 2016 to become an important player in the sub-Saharan region. Dirish also extended the activities of VERDE in multiple markets through a network of partners and collaborators.

Dirish has over 10 years’ experience in financial services, first as a proprietary commodity and currency trader, then moving to senior analyst roles and in senior executive positions. He led teams in listed markets (equities and bonds) before moving to alternative assets and principally managed a diversified illiquid portfolio of real estate and businesses. Dirish has extensive experience in project implementation, having led assignments with major corporations in over 25 industries across Europe and Africa. He also co-launched VERDE VENTURES in 2017, which is an accredited incubator and VC, seeking out possible investments with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Dirish is today a well-known and respected researcher with strong credentials in predictive analytics. Dirish has a strong background in solving issues through innovative methodologies, meaningful analysis, and vivid output.
His specialty is custom, creative, and complex research that seamlessly integrates qual and quant methods.

He is a regular contributor in newspapers and magazines. He today leads VERDE’s strategic initiatives and expansion plans. Dirish has also lectured at university level for a number of years in applied statistics.

Dirish holds an MSc (Distinction) in Management Science from the Kent Business School, University of Kent, UK, and a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics from the University of Mauritius.


Our views and studies are sought at national and international level. We welcome your views and opinions on our work. You may share subjects with us, that you think will have a positive impact on our society and stakeholders.


The founding partners and the team of VERDE have a strong commitment to entrepreneurship. Underpinning everything we do is data. In order to progress into the future we need to understand what has (and hasn’t worked) in the past. The more we know about our consumers and products, the better chances we have of anticipating their needs in the future. That is how we shape up new companies for them to have the best chances to succeed in the marketplace.

We also partner with several companies which believe in our capacity to create value, with thinkers, designers, engineers, and technologists, to work together to launch and scale innovative ideas in very big ways.

We partner with entrepreneurs (early stage to late stage) to accelerate growth and commercialize innovative ideas in any sector where we find value in the concept and its viability over time.

VERDE’s engagement is in powering the incubation and VC arm, while supporting local businesses through the BFC19 initiative. Details are available on www.mauritius.bfc19.com

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