We partner with entrepreneurs (early stage to late stage) to accelerate growth and commercialize innovative ideas in any sector where we find value in the concept and its viability over time.

We combine capital, technical and commercial expertise, infrastructure, and access to our network of business units, partners and customers, training, and resources to help companies grow and scale.


  1. Financing

We provide funding to entrepreneurs. From seed funding which is the earliest stage of funding a start up to deploying private capital to growth companies, we have the resources to assist you. At VERDE VENTURES our goal is to get you through your phases of development, where usually, financing is imperative. We also have the capability to introduce you to later stage investors—or occasionally even acquirers.

  1. Networking

The VERDE platform is a place where regular networking is done, while workshops and mini conferences are periodically held. Entrepreneurs and founders have the opportunity to sit down with other companies and partners. The regularity of the network acts as a metronome for the companies we believe in. It also gives companies a chance to talk about the challenges they’re working through and be assisted by who’ve recently overcome similar obstacles.

  1. Partnerships – More than money

Where we are asked to make small investments in the companies we accompany, we invest in full confidence in the ability of the entrepreneur. All venture investors supply some combination of money and assistance. In our case the money is by far the smaller component. In fact, we have fully exited three startups, through arrangements that give autonomy to visionary and hard-working people, who we believe in. Those people are today our partners and part of our network of close collaborators.

  1. Office space and infrastructure

A select few which we find value in and with whom we have commonalities, we offer them the opportunity to become Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiR). They have the option to use our offices and resources, and have access to our team which comprise of market researchers, data scientists, economists, lawyers and technicians.

  1. Exposure and media presence

Because VERDE has such a strong track record, early adopters, investors and press are often more willing to take a look at what we do and how our partners are faring. Sharing success stories through our wide circulating media partners is what we believe will drive a new entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mauritius.


  • Pre – Incubation Phase - people with innovative ideas having a business potential to further explore and develop their concepts.
  • Incubation Phase – Reinforcement of business case, operationalization and on-boarding of clients.
  • Acceleration Phase – Market research, distribution to larger network and partnerships


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Underpinning everything we do is data. In order to progress into the future we need to understand what has (and hasn’t worked) in the past. The more we know about our consumers and products, the better chances we have of anticipating their needs in the future. That is how we shape up new companies for them to have the best chances to succeed in the marketplace.

We also partner with several companies which believe in our capacity to create value, with thinkers, designers, engineers, and technologists, to work together to launch and scale innovative ideas in very big ways.

Read more on our people in the sections on practice and advisory board.