(230) 2141900 VERDE House, Soreze, Pailles 11225, Mauritius info@verdefrontier.mu

The aim is to support entrepreneurs who may have been confronted with abusive and unfair commercial transactions that do not know who to contact to find a solution.

Venna Pavaday : “The Companies we interviewed recognize the extent to which ethics and values are essential to the success of any organization. This study aims to give leaders ways to more effectively measure and manage ethical performance and putting values into action. It demonstrates that ethical behaviour reinforces trust and that it is, ultimately, essential to the success of organizations. As an entrepreneur and with a view to signifying our commitment to creation and preservation of a fair market, we launched an NGO and a video entitled “Loyal is beautiful”. This initiative to dedicate a whole study on values in the business community reflects VERDE’s position in terms of injustices it has faced in the recent past.”



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