(230) 2141900 VERDE House, Soreze, Pailles 11225, Mauritius info@verdefrontier.mu


VERDE VENTURES – Incubation and Venture Capital

Investment year: 2018 and ongoing

An accredited incubator and accelerator by the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) under the National SME Incubator Scheme.

The founders of VERDE bring their combined 20+ years in capital markets to  the benefit of projects accepted under incubation or acceleration.  The founders have worked for renowned institutions such as UBS, Schroders and Silk Invest in multiple asset classes and are among the very few people to have private equity fund management experience. They leverage on their knowhow, network and innovative processes to accompany projects.

VERDE VENTURES supported four cohorts of 23 projects up-to Q2 2021. 70% of those projects are today up and running businesses. Amongst those, VERDE today leverages on the services of software development firm Ogment for all tech and innovation projects.

VERDE VENTURES has so far not invested in any of the projects it has incubated or accelerated. However, the founders remain open to opportunities in any sector with like minded entrepreneurs.

VERDE HOUSE – Real Estate Development Project

Investment year: 2019

Strategic real estate investment by the founders of VERDE to move from a 25 sq m shared facility office in Ebene to a proprietary building strategically located between Ebene and Port Louis, in Soreze. VERDE’s activities are now on a 684 sq m plot of land with a three-storey 550 sq m building.

Communications and Media Analytics platform

Investment year: Phase 1 2019

Investment year: Phase 2: 2020

verde.mu is a proprietary development project, which combines the media related services offered by VERDE. The media services are based on strong data and analytical capabilities.

The project was developed in two phases, in line with VERDE’s long term strategic plan.

Phase 1 was completed and launched in mid-2019, with the use of a real time notification based system with a comprehensive document management system for all media related to our clients.

Phase 2 was developed and launched in beta version in  Q3 2020, with a focus on an online data driven communications tool. This will democratize the use of specialist communications expert on an ad-hoc service at affordable rates, as compared to traditional communication firms which charge retainers and making the service too expensive to most firms.

To access the platform, visit www.verde.mu


An initiative to support the business community from the impact of COVID-19

Launched in partnership with Ogment.

For more details, visit www.Mauritius.bfc19.com


Investment year: 2019 – 2020

Developed an on beta testing. Follow us on FB for more details in the coming months.


All our investments are underpinned by insights and market intelligence. We strive to remain positioned and invested in niche segments where we truly believe we can create long term value or bring differentiated services and solutions. Our strategic initiatives are backed by our core beliefs:

– Bold plans backed up by strong implementation capabilities
We believe ambition is best served by disciplined pragmatism and concrete insights. We train people to find and measure traction before committing to scaling up. We encourage a culture of hard work, rigorous market understanding and detailed use of data in decision making.

– Independence
We are free to invest independently. Our decisions rely solely on the belief of the founders and their advisory board members.

– Long term success
We believe in building long lasting business models. We do not invest in quick-win businesses as we are in to create sustainable value.

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